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$99.00 ---- Postage $9.00







 MODEL : EZF-5, Flip Phone.


 Postage : Aust Post O/Night Express



The EZF-5 works on the


and - Vodafone, Exetel, Lebara, Amaysim, Kogan, iiNet, etc.
OPTUS covers 98.5% of the population.

I use an OPTUS SIM - They currently have a good value plan - $30/186 Days.


A quality mobile phone designed for seniors and those requiring a 'simple to use' phone with emergency features.

The EZF-5 is not only for senior people, but those with ill health - living alone or even a first phone for children who want the security of having instant emergency contact with family, neighbours or medical help.

Compared to an 'In House' Dial Up system - they are fine providing you are 'In House'!

A mobile phone is portable and you are not just restricted to emergency help inside your home. Take your phone with you - shopping, visiting etc and have instant help available at the press of a button.

Hey, never underestimate the ability of older people to understand the growth of technology. Be patient with them if they are new to this - they can learn new things!

I am a senior too - I know!


Worried about when the NBN disconnects your landline? No more need for a landline?

The EZF-5 is perfect for your home phone. Easy to use in conjunction with the SOS EMERGENCY Dialling.





advice from the SA ministerial advisoryAdvice from the SA Ministerial Advisory Board on Ageing, found that many people struggle to use small mobiles which are becoming increasingly cluttered with other functions. 'Older' people don't necessarily want all the 'bells and whistles', they just want a simple quality phone that has clear numbers and 'eezi' to use buttons.
We have it - EZF-5!